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Reviews of Photo Biz Boot Camp and the BananasEDU Programs
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Meet some of the “Survivors”

In Their Own Words

“Liana, I just wanted to thank you again for everything… I believe what you are teaching is crucial to everyone in the industry. It may not be the fun, cool, glamourous stuff but it’s extremely important.”
– Stacey Kane, Maine Wedding & Portrait Photographer

“Liana, you have caught on that ‘artistics’ don’t always know how to protect and plan for the business that they are creating/growing. If all the light-bulbs that went on over everyone’s heads were for sale, you could have put GE out of business.”
– Deb Franklin, New Jersey

“The information I learned at BBC is priceless. I am going to be able to leave my full time job and have the photography business I’ve only dreamed of! Liana is a true “love cat.” She openly shares her business secrets, workflow and knowledge that she has acquired from years of business school and hands-on experiences. I was hesitant to sign up for class because of my tight budget and full schedule. I’m leaving here knowing that I’m going to have more money and time than I’ve ever had. BBC has been the turning point in my business. Thank you Liana for literally changing my life!”
-Stacy Ferris, Florida

“I was blown away to learn how much money I could make by learning my numbers! I had no idea what it cost to run my business and now that I do I know how to price my packages accordingly. What I thought was impossible is now POSSIBLE! Thanks Liana! I had a blast!”
– Amy Chamberlain, Utah

“This was an incredible 3 days. It was work, but the most fun I’ve ever had working. Learning so much, that is going to change not just my business, but every area of my life. Liana was so sharing and encouraging…I am leaving this experience feeling empowered! I’ve made some great friends, and memories that I ’ll never forget. Thanks Liana for acknowledging this part of the business that isn’t ever really addressed, and giving it such loving care that it so needed. You Rock!”
– Cristie Sims, Georgia

“Liana’s Business Boot Camp isn’t for the timid, but it will whip your profitability into shape in just two days. It’s amazing that so many of us think we’re being profitable when we’re not aware of all the numbers. Her teaching style is personable and works perfectly in a small-group environment. She’s a gracious host and has a knack for cooking! I highly recommend her teaching for photographers — or any industry!”
– Kevin Swan, Luxury Wedding Photographer

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