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Who will benefit from the BananasEDU and BBC lessons?

While the information is relevant to all small businesses, BBC is specific to professional wedding and/or portrait photographers who already run their own photography business – or those who are about to start.

I’m just starting out as a professional photographer – should I attend a Business Boot Camp (BBC) and/or go through the different DVD lessons?

If you are looking to make a profit from your photography, yes! Actually, you’d be very wise and a step ahead to learn the business side of professional photography as soon as possible. This will give you an idea of how much it takes to be successful in this business ahead of time, will allow you to get your business started on the right foot, and avoid potential road-bumps.

Do we need to have previous business training for the BananasEDU lessons and BBC to be worthwhile?

No, we won’t throw out too many crazy biz-school terms at you (at least without full explanation).

How do I know that what I learn is “correct” information? What degrees/certifications does Liana have?

Unlike many photography seminars/classes where a photographer is simply expressing what has worked best for them, these materials are founded in methodologies taught by the leading business schools across the nation (such as the Harvard Business School), worldwide entrepreneurial organizations, and most recently Professional Photographers of America (PPA).

Liana is an Approved Business Instructor (ABI) for PPA and graduate of Florida State University’s College of Business with two degrees: Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management. Liana has also undergone formal photography training (yes, used to shoot film, develop in the darkroom, print on color machines, finish prints for critique, and understands rembrant lighting, etc) and is Certified in Commercial Photography Technology.

I’m not sure where to start… should I attend a Boot Camp or get the DVDs?

This depends on how you learn best!

We HIGHLY recommend you start by signing up for a BBC – the Profit Center DVDs are included and will serve as the basis for all of the information going forward. In fact, we don’t recommend moving on to learn about the sales and merchandising until you KNOW you’re pricing stuff right! (No sense trying to sell more if you’re losing money on every sale – it’s happened before!)

You will need to understand how much money is going in and out of your business, what your salary is, how much you need to make in sales per year to cover overhead, cost of sales, and assets, and understand what your break-even and COS percent is first. Once you have this financial foundation, we recommend working through Brand Camp and Liana’s Crazy Simple Workflow. You will get the MOST out of KISS Merchandising if you’ve gone through the other lessons first. It’s a process that’s going to take time and a lot of hard work… but here’s where businesses really see change!!

Everyone who’s gone through our program highly recommends attending a Boot Camp at some point – there’s no better way to learn and actually WORK on your business than with the support and feedback of others in a small group environment!

FAQs Specific to BBC

I have something very specific that I would like help with (such as pricing or marketing) – will it be covered?

Yes. As long as you let us know. Since the class size is so small, and we will be reviewing your goals and analyzing your businesses individually before we get started, we will be able to focus on exactly what you need. Keep in mind that we will also need to cover materials that the other participants need to know, but it is all very intertwined. We believe you will benefit greatly from hearing how others are managing their businesses as well. If you would like continued one-on-one consulting on a regular basis, we are offering our services to a limited number of studios over the course of a year.

What about Same Studio Discounts?

Want to bring your business owner or spouse along?  They may come for 1/2 off the regular price!   The individuals must be co-owners and/or co-operators of the same business. They must be working ON the same business during class too — so it is beneficial to do the pre-work together ahead of time. Only one DVD is shipped per studio that takes the Same Studio Discount. We highly encourage husband and wife teams (or ANY co-owners) to attend together as the information is VERY personal and it will keep you on the same page from the start!

Should I bring my camera?

A camera is not necessary unless you decide to take advantage of the Bonus Session on Day 3 – then bring your camera body and a few lenses. You will not need ALL of your equipment – we’re all about making the most out of what you’ve got! Having the laptop with photoshop installed will also help during this session. So far, most attendees choose to stay for Day 3 – it’s a great time!

I’ve signed up for a BBC – what are my next steps ?

You will automatically receive a receipt/confirmation from info@photobizbootcamp.com. Next we will be emailing you instructions on how to log in to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum so you can get started with Lesson 1 of the Profit Center DVD. Within a week, we will mail you the Profit Center DVD, and you should continue with the rest of the lessons. If you’re coming from out of town, don’t forget to make travel plans. We will contact you with directions closer to the BBC date. Then, it’s simply time to show up with your “homework.”

What should I bring with me ?

A smile, notebook and pen, laptop computer (if you have one), all of the worksheets you completed in the Profit Center lessons, all of your numbers printed out (Personal Salary Budget, Sessions & Sales Sheets, Expense Budget, Income/Expense statement, optional Cash Flow statements, Break-Even Analysis), price sheets, and any existing marketing materials/small samples.

What kind of software does Liana use to manage her business? Will I need to purchase it too?

Liana uses Quickbooks 2009 for PC currently, paired with ShootQ as a client database and CRM system. Successware is the most comprehensive tool available for tracking, planning, and pricing. There are other options available of course and you are welcome to use any tool, though using Quickbooks or Successware will save you the most time of having to do the planning in excel (we do provide a template though on the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum for excel). It is necessary to set up a tracking system at some point, and we encourage you to hire a bookeeper with small business knowledge to assit you in setting up the program you choose to use. You will not need to have a full understanding of one of these programs in order to complete Photo Biz Boot Camp.

I have had something come up and will not be able to attend. Can I transfer my registration to someone else or for another session?

Yes. All investments are non-refundable but transferable to another individual or transferable for you to use for a different BBC for a $90 transfer fee. This means they take over your spot and pay you the registration amount back – you all decide is who pays the transfer fee. If you cannot find someone to fill your spot, simply keep the DVD and email us at info@photobizbootcamp.com no later than 60 days before the class date and we will work with you to transfer your registration to another date ($90 transfer fee) or substitute it for something else.

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