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Photography Business Lessons on DVD
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Finally – Liana’s Business Lessons on DVD!

Profit Center DVDs

Everything the professional photographer needs to build a financial foundation for a healthy business. Find out exactly how much money you make out of every dollar, how to price with confidence, and much more. Liana takes you step-by-step through the process as she works with Rafael (Atlanta-based wedding photographer) through all of his goals, numbers, and taking a look at his pricing and packages. This DVD is best viewed a chapter at a time so that you may take the time to stop and process your own information in-between lessons.

Lessons include:

1. Make it Personal & Goal-Oriented
2. Creating a Personal Salary Budget
3. Tracking Income
4. Expenses & Functions
5. Tracking Expenses
6. Analysis: The Number Story
7. The Big Equation & Cost Of Sales
8. Planning
9. Pricing & Packages
10. Bonus Feature: Housekeeping
(business formation, taxes, banking, insurance, who to hire)

As an added bonus, you will receive access to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum where you will be able to access a number of resources including worksheets and spreadsheets that will help you through the process. The Profit Center Financial Planner is included (comes with the Personal Salary Calculator) to save you time in Excel. This is also a great place to communicate with others who are going through the same process.

Once you place your order and payment is processed, you will receive an automatic receipt from info@photobizbootcamp.com. Within three business days you should receive an email with your login ID and passcode to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum. You can get started with Lessons 1 and 2 right away.


Brand Camp DVD

Companies pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to figure this out. Clients pay more for good ones. What is it? An elusive thing that can make or break your success in small business… a BRAND. This DVD takes you through a series of excercises that will allow you to lay the foundation for your business through creating a vision and identity… and ultimately a lasting BRAND. Liana will take you through the complete process and even dish on how she created her award winning web-site and brand on a budget. Find out how it’s not as impossible as it seems to be able work with the kind of clients you want, when and where you want. Understand:

  • What a brand is, why it’s important to build a brand, and how the real competition is no longer industry peers
  • How to create a lasting vision and mission for your business
  • How to develop a visual brand identity
  • Tips on where to go for inspiration
  • How to make your brand a reality
  • Understand the different outlets and marketing tools for communicating your brand
  • How to work with other professionals such as graphic artists and web designers once you have created your brand
  • Maintaining your brand

This DVD is meant to be used as a practical tool for small businesses to fully develop their own vision and brand and practice communicating it effectively for results. Includes access to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum where you can share with others, get feedback, and access a list of recommended resources and companies that can help you make your vision a reality!


Liana’s Crazy Simple Workflow DVD

Find out how Liana is putting award-winning images in her client’s hands in record time with her Crazy Simple Workflow. Join her on a trip to Jamaica and back for Christina and Shane’s destination wedding as she dishes out all the nitty-gritty details of her workflow from start to finish. Learn how to:

  • Organize files and ensure you have a secure, safe back-up system
  • Take better pictures straight out of the camera with a “Back to Basics” lesson while she shoots a wedding in Jamaica
  • Use in-camera custom functions
  • Put together on-site slideshows in minutes
  • Use Immediate Marketing to your advantage with a speedier workflow
  • Download, back-up, manage, select, edit, and export photos using Adobe Lightroom
  • Understand critical shortcuts and editing functions in Lightroom so you hardly have to open an image in Photoshop!
  • Prepare files for online slideshows, albums, blog posts, and other end products
  • Use custom presets and templates that you can download from the forum. ($69 value!)

This is a workflow system that can be adapted for both RAW and JPEG shooters and is recommended for professional portrait, event, and wedding photographers. Includes access to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum where you can download Liana’s Custom Lightroom Presets and Templates.


KISS Merchandising DVD

With increasingly saturated markets, it’s even more crucial to understand the basics of sales and merchandising as it applies to your small business. In this DVD, Liana discusses the importance of mixing “old-school” merchandising methods with “new-school” sales and branding while she lays the foundation for a new attitude of LOVING sales! She will walk you through the process of brainstorming, researching, testing, pricing, and actually taking a new product to market. Gain insight on how her award-winning web site and live appearance on NBC allows clients to purchase services and products without even meeting her. This DVD also includes access to the PhotoBizBootCamp.com/Forum where you can share with others, read the latest reviews on suppliers, and access notes and resource lists. Learn:

  • How to keep both your clients and bottom-line healthy
  • To LOVE sales
  • How to make more money and better market your business with new and existing products
  • How to find, choose, test, and take products to market
  • Specifics on merchandising custom framing, canvas wraps, and large multi-volume albums
  • More ideas on how to price and package for profitability based on principals learned in the Profit Center DVD Lessons
  • How to “KISS” and dramatically increase sales

“Your point regarding selling framed prints has already paid off and I am now only showing the price of larger prints to include the framing and have sold several this way, increasing my profits dramatically. Thank you for opening my eyes to this!”
– Jessica D, Professional Wedding Photographer


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