Why the Silence ?

by liana on October 24, 2011

In January this year, while forming my 2011 goals, I decided that 2011 would be a year to focus primarily on OUR OWN growing business and take a break from teaching and speaking.  I taught 3 Photo Biz Boot Camps in January, taught an intensive business class to a mixed group of wedding vendors/entrepreneurs in March, Spoke at the NAPCP Retreat in Vail this summer, and will be speaking & teaching next month at the Pictage Partner Conference in San Diego.  Believe it or not, that’s “cutting back” for me!

One of the things I’ll be speaking about at “PartnerCon” next month is Diversifying your Business.  I’ll be on a panel with three other photographers/entrepreneurs and will discuss why we’re adding on Cinema and Letterpress to my already existing photography business.  It’s been a fun and interesting adventure this past year learning SO much about these other two art forms & businesses.  But it IS essentially like starting two brand new businesses.  It’s a LOT of work!!

It turns out this “break” from teaching came at the perfect time as we’re also expanding our family, expecting our first-born soon!!  We’re due March 21 with a baby boy.   I’m scaling down from the usual 3-4 classes planned each winter and will only be teaching one class here in Atlanta this coming January.

If you have any topics of interest you’d like me to write about going forward, would love to hear your ideas!!

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