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Bananas Edu | The Business of Photography
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In less than a week we head out to San Diego for the 2011 Pictage Partner Conference – Can’t Wait!!!  I haven’t missed a single one since they started in 2005 and have been honored to speak/teach at every single one of them.  I’m thrilled it’s in San Diego this year as I’ve missed the California trips and I’ve not been to visit San Diego since I was 3 years old!

This year I will be speaking on a panel and also teaching a 4-Hour Intensive workshop.  Spots are extremely limited for this workshop and you MUST sign up ahead of time for it, so go grab your spot now if you haven’t already!!

In a nutshell, you’re getting Day 1 of my $1,000 workshop for only $25!!! That’s right, I’m not making any $ off of this and neither is Pictage!!!  It’s about the best deal you can get on SOLID, actually-walk-away-with-something-accomplished, hands-on Education on running a Photography Business!  I guarantee you will walk out with a better understanding of your personal and business finances, pricing, cash-flow, and a plan for 2012.

Since the description on the website is limited, here is a more detailed description of the workshop below….

Make More Money (aka “All About the Numbers”)
Four Hour Intensive
for Photographers at ALL Levels
with Liana Lehman Hall

As a small business owner, it’s not always easy knowing the best way to manage finances, plan for sales, and know how to price for profit.  Liana has over ten years experience consulting with small businesses in the US and abroad, and specializes in teaching managerial accounting and finance for creative entrepreneurs.  Simply put, she’ll get you up speed on the “not-fun-stuff” you need to know in order to be successful in business!  You will be learning the same great business principals taught at top business schools throughout the nation and the same principals taught by PPA.

We will cover:
– determining how much money you need to make personally and in business
– understanding and budgeting for the different types of expenses
– cost of sales analysis
– making sessions and sales goals
– business “housekeeping” items such as taxes, formation, banking, and cash flow management
– three different ways to price for profit

This is a nuts-and-bolts, hands-on class with plenty of time for questions.  You will work with Liana’s Number Cruncher Tool (a copy is included complimentary with your registration).  You will create a personal budget and determine your salary, create budgets for your different business expenses, determine your income, and take a look at your sales goals and overall financial outlook for 2012.

Bring to Class: Laptop with spreadsheet program loaded (ie Microsoft Excel, iWork Numbers, Open Office), calculator, an idea of how much you spend on what each year (both business and personal).

Registration Link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2159918374/30by30


Why the Silence ?

by liana on October 24, 2011

In January this year, while forming my 2011 goals, I decided that 2011 would be a year to focus primarily on OUR OWN growing business and take a break from teaching and speaking.  I taught 3 Photo Biz Boot Camps in January, taught an intensive business class to a mixed group of wedding vendors/entrepreneurs in March, Spoke at the NAPCP Retreat in Vail this summer, and will be speaking & teaching next month at the Pictage Partner Conference in San Diego.  Believe it or not, that’s “cutting back” for me!

One of the things I’ll be speaking about at “PartnerCon” next month is Diversifying your Business.  I’ll be on a panel with three other photographers/entrepreneurs and will discuss why we’re adding on Cinema and Letterpress to my already existing photography business.  It’s been a fun and interesting adventure this past year learning SO much about these other two art forms & businesses.  But it IS essentially like starting two brand new businesses.  It’s a LOT of work!!

It turns out this “break” from teaching came at the perfect time as we’re also expanding our family, expecting our first-born soon!!  We’re due March 21 with a baby boy.   I’m scaling down from the usual 3-4 classes planned each winter and will only be teaching one class here in Atlanta this coming January.

If you have any topics of interest you’d like me to write about going forward, would love to hear your ideas!!


Is YOUR Business In The Black?

November 26, 2010

While the masses of holiday shoppers fight the traffic and crowds to pick up a sale on this Black Friday, I contemplate what this day means for our own business.  Every year there comes a “break even” point when we have all of our expenses, salary, cost of sales covered and are moving from the […]

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Going to Partner Conference 2010 in New Orleans??

October 25, 2010

I can honestly say it’s still one of my favorite conferences!  I’ve been to EVERY single Pictage Partner Conference since they started in 2005.  West Coast, East Coast, Chicago, New Orleans, you name it!  I’ve lead sessions at every single one of them too, so it’s an honor to be asked to come back again […]

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Announcing Jan & Feb 2011 Photo Biz Boot Camps!

September 21, 2010

The votes are in and our new fabulous hosts are ready to help make this next round of Photo Biz Boot Camps happen in cities across America! We’ve scheduled FOUR Photo Biz Boot Camps so no matter where you live one of these should be a short flight or drive away! Orlando, FL Area – […]

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Protest New Hidden 1099 Reporting Requirements

August 31, 2010

Attention ALL small business owners! Our government, in attempt to conjure up more money to fund their expensive Health Care bill, has slipped a small line into this bill REQUIRING A MAJOR CHANGE in SMALL BUSINESS REPORTING starting next year.  This change is going to mean small businesses like myself — other photographers and entrepreneurs […]

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The Ugly Truth : It Takes Money to Make Money

May 6, 2010
Thumbnail image for The Ugly Truth : It Takes Money to Make Money

Starting a business is a Catch-22. I’ve touched on the topic before in previous UGLY TRUTH post titled Red is Normal for the First Few Years in Business. Unlike some other photographers who teach it’s okay to take out a $60k loan to spend on advertising and equipment, you’ll find me teaching quite the opposite. […]

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Guest Blog Post: Sales is Not a Dirty Word

May 6, 2010
Thumbnail image for Guest Blog Post: Sales is Not a Dirty Word

Pictage recently asked me to write a guest blog post article for them, which you can READ HERE. It’s an extremely long article but only a portion of what I covered in the Marathon Press Webinar I did on the same topic. You can still order a copy of the recorded webinar HERE. (recorded March […]

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Thoughts for New Photographers – By CEO of Pictage Jim Collins

April 29, 2010

Some interesting stats came out recently that in a NORMAL year 40,000-60,000 photographers enter the marketplace. This past year over 150,000 photographers entered the marketplace!! Fellow been-in-business-for-more-than-10-years wedding photographers here in Atlanta agree we’ve never seen anything like it before. EVERYONE we know wants to be a photographer or knows someone who is just starting […]

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Why my husband calls me “Debt Dominatrix” (My Debt Story)

April 16, 2010

Last night we caught up on TiVo-ed episodes of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I love what is happening with this – mainly it’s a movement to educate children and the general population on how food effects us, and how to eat to be healthy. I feel that the school systems in general fail us in […]

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